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Fingerless Loves

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Published April 28, 2011 at 6:14 p.m.

Dear Mistress Maeve,

How can I get my boyfriend to finger me?


Fingerless Loves


Dear Fingerless,

Here’s a novel idea — how about asking him? Do not underestimate the sexiness of asking your man for what you want. Most guys want their girlfriends to be communicative in bed and think it’s hot for a woman to give some direction.

For you lady-loving guys out there, I challenge you not to forget about using your hands. Whether you like it or not, the penis is not all-knowing and all-powerful. Using your fingers, you can reach areas of the vagina that will throw your partner into fits of ecstasy. And you single ladies looking to mingle, remember that finger-banging is just about the safest sex act available. Ask partners to wear latex gloves for added safety. At the very least, be sure that fingering partners have given their hands a thorough washing ahead of time, and steer clear of mixing ass play and vaginal play — it can make for a nasty infection.

So, Fingerless, if you haven’t already, tell your guy that you think it would be hot if he used his hands on you. If you’ve already asked him, and he won’t grant your wish, it may be time to give him the proverbial finger and find someone who will hand you what you want.

Three-finger salute,


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