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Extra Credit!


Published October 13, 2008 at 10:28 a.m.

Attention students and educators. Here is a list of possible tasks to complete while attending the Vermont 3.0 Creative Tech Career Jam on Saturday, October 25 at Champlain College.

Select and complete one of the following activities:

  1. Collect an exhibitor's business card and submit it along with a short reflection piece about why you would (or would not) like to work there.
  2. Give an overview of a speaker's presentation. Describe a new technology (product or service) that they discussed. Attach any related material (e.g. outline, company brochure, or business card).
  3. Write a “follow-up email” to an exhibitor or recruiter expressing your interest in their company and/or appreciation for speaking with you at the event. Copy me on your correspondence.
  4. Talk with an exhibitor about entry-level positions within their organization. Find out about the qualifications they look for in candidates and how the application process works. Then, write a brief summary about what you learned.  Be sure to include the exhibitor's name and contact information.
  5. Provide the name and contact information of an exhibitor whose company you're interested in pursuing for employment. List the next steps of your job search in a time line and report each specific activity (i.e. Meet with adviser to develop a resume, draft a cover letter to John Doe at XYZ and submit it to the writing lab for editing/proofreading, research potential interview questions and identify possible responses, select interview attire, and so on).
  6. Collect at least three pieces of SWAG*. Write a paper that describes the item, the company it represents and the connection between the two.

*SWAG:  Stuff We All Get (i.e. the trinkets exhibitors use to entice us to talk with them!)