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Entomophagy Event Comes to Vermont

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We’re all in favor of sustainable agriculture, but what about “spooktainable bugriculture”? Conservation biologist Rachael Young will explain all when she appears at the Warren Public Library on October 30 at 3:15 p.m. At the free event called “Thriller Bite,” Young will invite families to decorate caramel apples with crispy, roasted insects, including mealworms, wax worms, cockroaches and crickets.

The Halloween treat is just part of a larger project for the scientist. Before recently relocating to her native Vermont, Young raised snails for escargot in California. It wasn’t just a job — she believes that coaxing people to eat creepy-crawlies is a step toward sustainability. “I’ve started calling them the gateway bug,” she jokes of snails, noting that most people will try them before they’ll try a cockroach.

Young is determined to introduce the state to the most sustainable of meats, saying, “It’s a really important conversation topic in terms of protein sources.” When she offers insects, she adds, children have been especially open to eating the lower life forms.

After “Thriller Bite,” Young will hold a bug tapas night at Nutty Steph’s Granola & Chocolate Factory in Middlesex on December 14. She calls it “The Art of Eating Insects: A Contemporary Pre-Columbian Entomophagy Event.” Next year, she’ll hold an insect taco night at the Mad Taco. There’s more info at eatyummybugs.com.