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Published September 24, 2008 at 12:30 p.m.

I’m an Associate Professor of Marketing and e-Business Management at Champlain College during the day, and a Mom to a tween-girl and four cats at night. I teach classes in Internet-marketing, Non-profit and Social Marketing, Internet Strategy, Online Visibility and Social Networking and Marketing Management.  Special topics this year for me include teaching a class called “Technology a Disruptive Force”, where we examine how technological innovation causes disruption throughout history, today and in the future. I’m also team-teaching a new class in Computer Mediated Communication with my colleague Eric Ronis. The class, entitled Social Interaction in the Digital Age, combines technological tools like email, instant message, social networking, and blogging with interpersonal and small group communication theories to help us make sense out of online communication. I have a Ph.D. in Organizational Management from Capella University, an M.S. in Internet Strategy Management from Marlboro College and a B.S. in Public Relations and Communication from SUNY Brockport. In my spare time I like to read trashy Vampire romance novels, play World of Warcraft, and hang out with my daughter doing “stuff”.

  • Occupation: Associate Professor, Marketing and e-Business Management
  • Favorite Part of My Job: Working with students every day. They challenge me beyond all reason, surprise me in ways I never expect and keep me on my toes at all times.
  • Least Favorite Part of My Job: Grading. I think the whole grading thing should just go away.  I’d like to give feedback that challenges the students to do better because they want to…not because they want a “grade” on their transcript. Grading has taken all the motivation out of learning.
  • My first personal computer was a: Tandy TRS-80 Model 1 that was comprised of a monochrome monitor, a keyboard and a cassette player.
  • Favorite Vermont Wi-Fi Spot: Champlain of course! Oh…and Starbucks on occasion.
  • When I’m not in front of my computer I’m: in front of my blackberry
  • I wish computers could: wash my dishes, get my daughter to school on time and clean the cat litter boxes.  Oh…and shovel snow off my porch roofs.  And the laundry…do my laundry.

5 top websites or feeds I read everyday:
1.       NY Times Mobile (on my blackberry)
2.       Seven Days Blurt (of course!)
3.       Influential Marketing Blog: http://rohitbhargava.typepad.com/weblog/
4.       Social Media Today: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/
5.       Surprises that come through Twitter alerts and posts.