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Dr. Dean is Out


Published December 18, 2008 at 4:41 p.m.

Writing in the Washington Post's political blog The Fix, Chris Cillizza today examines the political future of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, the outgoing chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

With the economy in a tailspin, and few posts remaining in President-elect Barack Obama's administration, it seems clear that Dean may have to look outside of Washington, DC for his next gig.

Cillizza writes:

"Those closest to Dean insist that he has any number of job offers to weigh (although they wouldn't expound on any specifics), is traveling to Europe three times early in 2009 to advise progressive parties abroad about the lessons learned from the 2008 campaign and is speaking out on his pet issue — health care — as he did on Wednesday at a speech to the National Institutes of Health."

Cillizia adds that the man who "ushered in an era of person to person politics linked by technology, finds himself as a man without a home speaks to the vast chasm between how he is perceived by the netroots and the party regulars."

Washington and party insiders, like Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, never liked Dean or his 50-state strategy.

In a recent interview with comedian DL Hughley on CNN's DL HughleyBreaks the News, Dean said he didn't feel vindicated by thefact that his 50-state strategy is being credited with the Democratictakeover of the White House and Congress.

Here's the exchange Dean had with Hughley: