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Department of (Memorable) Corrections


We at Seven Days work hard to ensure that the information in these pages is accurate. Everything we print has been edited, copyedited and factchecked by two editors and two proofreaders. But we’re only human, after all, and we make our share of mistakes. When necessary, we correct them on the Feedback page; columnists typically do so in a subsequent column.

Here are a few of the memorable corrections we’ve printed over the last 20 years — all from the early days, when we had fewer eyes on the content.

SEPTEMBER 4, 1996: “Correction: Last week we erroneously reported that Tom Petty is playing with Johnny Cash this week at the Flynn. We apologize for any inconvenience or dashed hopes.”

NOVEMBER 5, 1997: From Inside Track, by Peter Freyne: “In last week’s Inside Track, Molly Ivins was describing Texas governor George Bush as ‘affable out the ass.’ His brother Jeb Bush is the governor of Florida. So many shrubs. So little time.”

NOVEMBER 4, 1998: “Correction: Last week we identifi ed letter writer C. Chaya Boughan [Weekly Mail, October 28] as a math professor at UVM. Turns out we gave her a degree prematurely: Boughan is an undergraduate in mathematics. Our apologies for any confusion or undue ribbing.”