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Daring Dorm Décor

Where to find the good stuff


Published August 25, 2008 at 7:07 p.m.


Plain ol’ boring dorm rooms are no fun. What’s to like about blank walls, nasty floors and small closets? But with the right accessories, even these hopelessly bland institutional settings can seem cozy and comfortable.

Here’s a list of essential items from local stores that will jazz up your living space — and help keep you and your pad looking neat and tidy. Snag a few of these things, and people may actually want to hang out in your room. Make it nice enough and they might let that Zac Efron poster slide.


Artwork - $8 and up

Steez: 104 Church St., Burlington, 863-3199

Don’t plaster those bland walls with tacky pictures from “The Hills.” Pick up some stylin’ prints from Steez. Nothing says, “I’m an individual” like a $12 poster of a monkey wearing headphones.

Couch - $5 and up

Recycle North: 266 Pine St., Burlington, 658-4143

Problem: small dorm room with nowhere to sit. Solution: Loft the beds and get a few couches for underneath. Recycle North has plenty of ’em for cheap.

Tapestries - $33.95

Peace and Justice Center: 21 Church St., Burlington, 863-2345

A classic dorm-room staple — use tapestries to cover your windows during those incredibly bright days of spring. You’ll wake up to an array of spectacular colors.

Stuffed Jesus - $16.95

Scribbles: 96 Church St., Burlington, 863-9004

Adorn your desk shelf with a stuffed messiah. Think Jesus should have had a frazzled or slicked-back look? Style his hair any which way you want. Hallelujah!

Bumper stickers - various $

Peace and Justice Center: 21 Church St., Burlington, 863-2345

Looking for a simple, effective way to express your feelings about peace and fair trade? These stickers aren’t just for bumpers anymore. Tape them to your desk or your door.

Paper lanterns - $6-10

Homeport: 52 Church St., Burlington, 863-4644

Paper orbs light up — and dress up — your room. And they beat the hell out of fluorescent bulbs.

Throw rug - $28-68

Urban Outfitters: 81 Church St., Burlington, 651-0133

You can’t get rid of your decades-old carpeting, but you can spiff it up a little. You don’t wanna look as old school as those old rooms.

Useful Stuff

Bathrobe - $75.00

Macy’s: 67 Cherry St., Burlington, 865-3000

Be prepared for the freshman 15 — plan to cover up your flabby pecs with a luxurious bathrobe. You’ll be extremely comfortable and let’s face it, you’ll look like an absolute badass while you dry off.

Clothes rack - $14.99

Homeport: 52 Church St., Burlington, 863-4644

Doing laundry is a drag all around, so why not make it a little cheaper? Save money, and the planet, by airing your laundry out after a wash.

Mini ironing board and iron - $11.99 - $19.99

Homeport: 52 Church St., Burlington, 863-4644

Sweatpants are really comfortable, but you’re not going to wear them to an internship interview or the holiday ball. Or you shouldn’t, anyway. Get an ironing board to straighten out those wrinkled clothes.

Laundry bag - $39.99

Homeport: 52 Church St., Burlington, 863-4644

Forget baskets — laundry bags are the way to go. They store well, and it’s easier to throw ’em in your car when you bring your dirty clothes home.

Where else to shop

  • Burlington Furniture 388 Pine St., Burlington, 862-5056

    Futons, etc.

  • The Bern Gallery 135 Main St., Burlington 865-0994

    Glass, paintings and art

  • Full Tank 150 Church St. #A, Burlington, 863-8265

    Local glass-only shop

  • Gardener’s Supply 660-3505, 128 Intervale Rd., Burlington

    472 Marshall Ave., Williston

    Houseplants, lighting, indoor gardening supplies

  • Junktique’s Collective 324 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, 865-3724

    Furniture, knick-knacks, odds-and-ends

  • Kiss the Cook 72 Church St., Burlington, 888-658-KISS

    Cool kitchen gear

  • Northern Lights 75 Main St., Burlington, 864-6555

    Glass and accessories

  • Silver Maple Editions 129 St. Paul St., Burlington, 865-0133

    Posters and stuff

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