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Published September 9, 2009 at 5:16 a.m.

Just in time for its 25th birthday, the Vermont Butter & Cheese Company is rolling out a new name and a fresh logo. As noted by Assistant Research Editor Emily McKenna on the Food & Wine magazine website, the business will soon go by Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery. She calls the new nomenclature “more pastoral, quaint and practical.”

Looks like Whole Foods is on the move. At the end of last month, plans were submitted to South Burlington’s planning and zoning office. They will undergo their first review — which is open to the public — on September 23.

Not everybody’s psyched about Ben & Jerry’s choice to rename Chubby Hubby — a malt ice cream flavor studded with pretzels, peanut butter and fudge — Hubby Hubby in celebration of Vermont’s legalization of gay marriage, a change that will last through September.

In England, on the Daily Telegraph’s blog, writer James Delingpole — who claims to be friends with “suspiciously large numbers” of gay folk — protests ice cream education. “I do not want my freaking ice cream tub to tell me gay marriage is a great and wonderful thing,” he rants, calling Vermont “nauseatingly PC.”

Some writers on conservative websites are even less kind. On Big Dog’s Weblog, the “mastiff” notes: “A lot of people find gay marriage wrong and it does not seem like a smart marketing ploy to remind people of the decay of an institution by giving the ice cream a name that references homosexuality.”

He goes on to suggest an ice cream for lesbians who feel “left out” called “No Banana Lickety Split.”

But for every Internet-based detractor, there is somebody applauding the move. On the Chicago Tribune’s website, food critic Bill Daley says he’s pleased that “Ben and Jerry’s thankfully retained its activist edge after being bought by … Unilever in 2000.”