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Crazy, Crazy World


Published January 14, 2009 at 8:38 a.m.

Saw two stories in my news perusal this morning that I couldn't resist sharing.

  • Ryan Mercer of the Burlington Free Press posted this one to his Facebook profile: Apparently some Canadians left their miniature poodle locked inside their van for almost three weeks while it was parked at the Burlington airport parking garage. WTF, eh? The dog was rescued January 6 and is doing fine now. No word yet from its owners on why they left it there.
  • You may have heard this one already, but it was new to me: Times were so tough for investment advisor Marcus Shrenker that he faked his own death — by parachuting out of his airplane after radioing that his windshield had imploded and he was in trouble. He might have gotten away with it, except that some pesky military jets intercepted his plane and noticed that there was no one inside. Well, they just caught the guy.