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Cram Sesh

Mistress Maeve: Your guide to love and lust...


Dear Mistress,

I’ve been “friend zoned.” I really like this girl, but I’m scared that being too forward could ruin our friendship. How can I show her that I like her without creeping her out?


Wannabe With Her

Dear Wannabe,

You’re in a catch-22. If you bare your soul and declare your love, you may lose her friendship. On the other hand, if you sit idly by and say nothing, you’ll be miserable — and let’s not even talk about how you’ll feel when she starts dating someone else. The only answer is to be honest with her.

Being forward doesn’t have to be creepy. Take her to one of your usual hangouts and play it cool. Let her know that you feel a deeper connection with her and ask if she’d consider going on a date with you. If she balks, keep your chin up; at least you’ll know how she feels and you can move on.



Dear Mistress,

The guy I’m seeing confessed that he had an STI in the past. How do I know if it’s safe to have sex with him?


Keepin’ it Clean

Dear KIC,

First of all, points to him for being up-front about his sexual health — many people aren’t as forthcoming. Before you have sex with anyone new, it’s a good idea for both partners to see a doctor and get tested for STIs. If this guy is worthy – and it sounds like he is — he’ll have no problem waiting a little longer for the results to come in. That way, both of you can have sex with confidence.

And remember, just because you’re both clean doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to practice safe sex. Use condoms, at least until both of you pledge to be monogamous.

Playing safe,


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