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Conservative Talk Show Host Suggests Sen. Leahy Drunk on Senate Floor


A conservative talk show host's suggestion that Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) was drunk while delivering a Senate floor speech last week is quickly being passed around on right-wing blogs and media outlets.

Mark Levin, a conservative yakker based out of New York City, made the unsubstantiated claims on his Friday program. His proof? That Leahy appeared to be slurring his speech.

Maybe we're just accustomed to Leahy's affectation, but he doesn't sound like anything more than perhaps a wee bit exhausted. He may have stayed up late after the State of the Union address the night before — who knows?

To give a listen to Levin's rant, click here to head to his show's site.

Some highlights: First of all, Vermont's secessionist candidates will be glad to know Levin is in favor of Vermont leaving the union. "Why don't you people from Vermont secede! Don't worry, we'll change the flag," spouted Levin. Why? We have both a "communist" and a "socialist" for senators. He didn't specify who was whom.

Calling Leahy a "moron," he openly asked: "Is he slurring his speech? I have to ask the question: I'm not accusing him of anything."

You know, I almost forgot that's how the  "we report, you decide" paradigm works.

After playing a clip of Leahy, Levin added, "Now, you know I'm right, Mr. Producer. It's word after word, is it not? Now, this is entertaining: This is Patrick Leahy, who does not, in my humble opinion — I'm not accusing him — sound sober to me."

Riiiight. Not accusing him. Gee, I guess the old "When did you stop beating your wife, Senator?" routine is getting old.