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Congratulations to our May Writing Contest Winners!


Published May 30, 2018 at 2:51 p.m.

In our May Mom & Baby Issue, we asked kids to interview their parents about what they were like as a baby and write about it. Below, find the winning entries. Kinsley and Lena each receive a $25 gift certificate to Crow Bookshop in Burlington.

Kinsley Maxfield, 10, Highgate

What did I look like?

I had never seen a baby born with so much hair! It was so long that we could almost put it in pigtails.

What did I like to do?
You loved to play with your big brother. He always made you smile.

Did I cry a lot?
You were a happy baby! You only really cried when you were hungry.

Lena Whitaker-Hechanova, 10, Richmond

The following is an excerpt from a book Lena sent to Kids VT entitled 2 Essays of When I Was a Baby and a Younger Kid.

I was a serious baby. Blubbing, screaming, crying, sleeping (so much people think you’ve been knocked out.) These are pretty much not really babies’ routines, because all babies are different and this is mine.

When I was 1 year old, my family went to the Penguin Plunge. I had my fat lip over my skinny upper lip. I was scrunching in my face. I was exact.

When I was at the nursery when I was born, I was being rinsed off. Most babies (my sis and my brother) cry when water or something is rinsed off their heads. Not me. I yawned like it was nothing.
Last thing, I stared A LOT! Once I was at Uncommon Ground and I was staring at a college kid who, for some reason, was of quite an interest to me. He got really uncomfortable and moved away. I was serious at being funny.

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This article was originally published in Seven Days' monthly parenting magazine, Kids VT.