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Congratulations, Good Citizens!


Published October 30, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.


These Vermont students finished Kids VT's first Good Citizen Challenge, underwritten by the Vermont Community Foundation. They will each receive a Good Citizen sticker, medal and T-shirt, as well as a pocket constitution donated by Phoenix Books. They will also be honored at a reception at the Vermont Statehouse in January.

Thanks to all who participated in our first Challenge! All of us here at Kids VT are inspired by your work.

Students Who Finished the Good Citizen Challenge

  • Riley Amerio, Salisbury
  • Thomas Bishop, Salisbury
  • Ethan Bishop, Clarendon
  • Sophia Boise, Salisbury
  • Thea Boyles, Montpelier
  • Teagan Brennan, Montpelier
  • Channing Brush, Salisbury
  • Henry Bushey, Charlotte
  • Lila Bushey, Charlotte
  • Meredith Cameron, Salisbury
  • Kayla Charbonneau, Salisbury
  • Keenan Chicoine, Salisbury
  • Ethan Delorme, Salisbury
  • Isaac Dodge, Essex Junction
  • Aly Dorman, Underhill
  • Jack Dragoo, Essex
  • Owen Flanagan, Salisbury
  • Josie Gaiotti, Salisbury
  • Chris Gile, Salisbury
  • Natalie Gillette, Salisbury
  • Tyler Graves, Barre
  • Grace Heller, Moretown
  • Phyler Holt, St. Johnsbury
  • Janelle Hoskins, Waterbury Center
  • Mabel Huard, Morrisville
  • Zoe Keuhl, Montpelier
  • Jackson Kitts, Rutland
  • Sawyer Kless, Essex Junction
  • Vance Larocque, Salisbury
  • Michael Levitt, Quechee
  • Hazel Longe, Morristown
  • Jameson Maguire, Salisbury
  • Rosalynn Manalo, South Burlington
  • Lily Meyer, Montpelier
  • Addison Moats, Salisbury
  • Alan Moody, Cabot
  • Emma Morrissey, Salisbury
  • Harvey Neddo, East Montpelier
  • Joseph Neddo, East Montpelier
  • Arthur Neddo, East Montpelier
  • Anna Newara, Montpelier
  • Luke Nuceder, Salisbury
  • Bella Olinger, Burlington
  • Ethan Oszurek, St. Albans
  • Sophia Oszurek, St. Albans
  • Chris Palagonia, Colchester
  • Ben Palagonia, Colchester
  • Somerset Pierce, Montpelier
  • Lachlan Pierce, Montpelier
  • Sam Reilly, Burlington
  • Graham Resmer, Winooski
  • Ivy Resmer, Winooski
  • Yankee Rheaume, Salisbury
  • Miles Robbison, West Rutland
  • Alia Ross, Winooski
  • Sutton Rubright, Salisbury
  • Lada Salida, Stowe
  • Mercedes Sheldrick, Salisbury
  • Pela Slater, Salisbury
  • Hannah Smiley, Milton
  • Henry Swisher, Jericho
  • Ella Switser, West Burke
  • Lucas Switser, West Burke
  • Makyliah Tellier, Salisbury
  • Lindsey Treat, Manchester Center
  • Tyreese Tucker, Salisbury
  • Noah Vandenburg, Stowe
  • Evangeline Vandenburg, Stowe
  • Gabe Velez, Salisbury
  • Cody Warner, Salisbury
  • Grace Warrington, Shelburne
  • Peter Warrington, Shelburne
  • Ada Weaber, Salisbury
  • Henry Weston, Middlebury
  • Matt Whelan, Salisbury
  • Mykayla White, Salisbury
  • Holly Whitney, Salisbury

Honorable mentions

  • Colt Cervantes, Montpelier
  • Cali Desrochers-Meyer, Montpelier
  • Torin Etheridge, Montpelier
  • Sidney Harris, Montpelier
  • Jackson Mason, Montpelier
  • Schuyler Penniman, Montpelier
  • Indy Roberts, Montpelier
  • Max Walder, Montpelier
  • Connor Yefchak, Montpelier

This article was originally published in Seven Days' monthly parenting magazine, Kids VT.