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Cold Cash

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Published June 2, 2010 at 7:58 a.m.


Cabot artist Quint Welters hauled a huge block of ice he’d filled with 10,000 pennies to the Statehouse lawn early last Thursday morning. Then he stood back and watched it collapse as it melted, the pennies softly clinking as they dropped, all day. Titled “Bailout” and inspired by the fragile state of the economy, the installation started out 2 feet wide and about 1.5 feet tall. By the end of the hot afternoon, it was gone. Except for the pennies.

An MFA student at the international low-residency Transart Institute, Welters, 23, has long been interested in performance art, though he usually works with glass. He recently crafted a series of glass apples with syringes stuck in them, which he planted in a grocery store produce section and then attempted to purchase. The girl at the checkout swiped them without blinking an eye, Welters relates.

Since moving back to Vermont last fall, he’s begun experimenting with ice and snow, both outdoors and in the freezers at his parents’ natural-foods café, Rhapsody.

Next, Welters says, he’s planning a series of hollowed-out ice ornaments in the shape of raindrops, each filled with a different color of water. Look for them some hot day in downtown Montpelier.