City of Burlington: In the Year Two Thousand Twenty-two, A Regulation in Relation to Rules and Regulations of the Traffic Commission— Section 5 One-way streets designated. Section 7 No-parking areas. | Ordinance Changes | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice

Sponsor(s): Department of Public Works

Action: Approved

Date: 12/15/2021

Attestation of Adoption: Phillip Peterson EI

Public Works Engineer, Technical Services

Published: 05/18/22

Effective: 06/08/22

It is hereby Ordained by the Public Works Commission of the City of Burlington as follows:

That Appendix C, Rule and Regulations of the Traffic Commission, Section 7 No-parking areas, of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Burlington is hereby amended as follows:

Section 5 One-way streets designated.

The following streets are hereby designated as one-way streets, and all traffic and travel thereon, except pedestrians, shall pass in the directions indicated and not otherwise:

(1) Repealed. University Place in a northerly direction, with the exception of bicycles traveling southbound in the designated contra-flow lane.

(2) – (42) As written.

Section 7 No-parking areas.

No person shall park any vehicle at any time in the following locations:

(1) – (209) As written.

(210) Reserved. On the east side of University Place with the exception of the vehicle loading zone in front of Ira Allen Chapel and the food truck parking in front of the Royal Tyler Theatre.

(211) – (580) As written.

** Material stricken out delete.

*** Material underlined added.