City of Burlington: A Regulation in Relation to Rules and Regulations of the Traffic Commission— Section 7, No parking areas | Ordinance Changes | Seven Days | Vermont's Independent Voice
In the Year Two Thousand Twenty Two

Sponsor(s): Department of Public Works

Action: __ Approved___

Date: __8/24/2022____

Attestation of Adoption: Phillip Peterson, EI

Public Works Engineer, Technical Services

Published: 08/31/22

Effective: 09/21/22

It is hereby Ordained by the Public Works Commission of the City of Burlington as follows:

That Appendix C, Rules and Regulations of the Traffic Commission, Section 7: No parking areas, of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Burlington is hereby amended as follows:

Section 7: No parking areas

(1)-(213) As written.

(214) Reserved. On the north side of Birchcliff Parkway, from Pine Street to Cherry Lane.

(215)-(580) As written.

**Material stricken out deleted.

***Material underlined added.