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CITY OF BURLINGTON In The Year Two Thousand Twenty-One: An Ordinance in Relation to COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE - Parking Garage Illumination ZA #21-05


Sponsor: Office of City Planning, Planning Commission, Ordinance Committee

Public Hearing Dates: 04/26/21

First reading: 03/08/21

Referred to: Ordinance C

Rules suspended and placed in all stages of passage: _____

Second reading: 04/26/21

Action: adopted

Date: 04/26/21

Signed by Mayor: 05/03/21

Published: 05/12/21

Effective: 06/02/21

It is hereby Ordained by the City Council of the City of Burlington as follows:

That Appendix A, Comprehensive Development Ordinance, of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Burlington be and hereby is amended by amending Section 5.5.2(f)5, Parking Garage Lighting, thereof to read as follows:

Sec. 5.5.2 Outdoor Lighting

As written.

(a) – (e) As written.

(f) Specific Outdoor Lighting Standards

In addition to the general standards above, the following specific lighting standards shall apply to each of the following outdoor lighting applications:

1. – 4. As written.

5. Parking Garage Lighting

Recommended illumination levels for parking garages are generally higher and more uniform that that of exterior parking lots. Non-cut-off, up-light and in-direct light is often used to create a uniform lighting environment and an added feeling of security.

A. Light levels shall not exceed minimums currently recommended in by IESNA document RP-20-98 or current edition.

B. Any fixture visible from the exterior of the garage facility shall be a full cutoff or cut-off fixture or shall be constructed in a manner that prevents glare to be visible from the exterior of the parking garage (see examples pictured below).

6. – 9. As written.

(g) As written.

* Material stricken out deleted.

** Material underlined added.

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