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Q&A: Republican Candidates for Governor


Published June 29, 2022 at 9:59 a.m.
Updated July 1, 2022 at 5:42 p.m.

Stephen C. Bellows, Peter Duval, Phil Scott - COURTESY PHOTOS
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  • Stephen C. Bellows, Peter Duval, Phil Scott

The governor is Vermont's CEO, the head of its executive branch of government. The Vermont legislature passes bills; the governor decides whether to sign them into law. The roles are reversed when it comes to the state budget, which the governor drafts and the legislature approves. The governor also appoints agency leaders and issues executive orders and proclamations. Republican Phil Scott has held the job since 2017 and is running for reelection. Two candidates are challenging him in the Republican primary; the winner will represent the party in the November general election.


Stephen C. Bellows

Grand Isle

Run a small business doing property management lawn care for the Champlain Islands

Why are you running?

I am concerned in the direction our state is heading. I'd like to see us improve the schools, mental health facilities, and take care of our senior citizens and our veterans.

Three accomplishments that qualify you:

I am a lifelong Vermonter, I have spent time traveling the state talking to business owners, farmers, students and parents. I feel I am qualified to restore the voice back to the people of Vermont.

Name a Vermonter who inspires you.

The farmers inspire me. Not just the dairy farmers, but the vegetable farmers. It takes pride and hard work to keep a farm running, and I respect that line of work. Agriculture is a very important aspect of Vermont.

Peter Duval


Househusband and sailing instructor, with a background in physics, computer science, energy project development, transportation and land-use advocacy; former Selectboard member in Underhill, appointed to positions in Essex, Jericho, and Underhill

Why are you running?

Blue team and red team play political ping-pong over minor differences, while claiming to address housing, climate, "demographic crisis," etc. They are pouring once-in-a-century money onto a business-as-usual fire. I run to link the crises and be a change agent. It's a civic duty.

Three accomplishments that qualify you:

I successfully lobbied Vermont Electric Coop's board to reject the VJO/Hydro-Québec contract.

I helped Colchester voters realize that the Circumferential Highway — like ring roads everywhere — was a transportation failure by design.

A lone voice on U46's Facilities Committee, I helped U46 realize that Essex Tech Center should remain on the high school campus.

Name a Vermonter who inspires you.

Ralph Flanders was an engineer-politician who — while a red fever gripped the U.S. Congress — brought forth the censure of Joe McCarthy. Like other Vermonters and world citizens, past and present, he is a model and inspiration for clear thinking and firm commitment.

Phil Scott


Governor of Vermont

Why are you running?

I'm running for reelection to finish the work and continue the progress we've made since I took office to grow the economy, make Vermont more affordable, all while protecting the most vulnerable, in order to leave Vermont better than we found it.

Three accomplishments that qualify you:

I've developed a seasoned, talented and effective team with a proven record of working across the aisle, and delivering results. Having co-owned a small business for 35+ years, I learned how Montpelier's policies can affect everyday Vermonters, but I also have the experience to navigate the legislative process having served in the Senate five terms and re-elected six times statewide.

Name a Vermonter who inspires you:

My Dad, Howard Scott, born in Washington Vt. — a truck driver by trade. He was injured after D-Day, losing both legs, but returned home and met my mom. He died when I was 11. If I become half the independent, giving, decent human being he was, I will be fortunate.