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Burlington City Council Sonnet #3


Published December 2, 2008 at 10:21 a.m.

Last night at City Hall before that tiff
between Ed Adrian and Mayor Bob Kiss;
before the crowd heard briefly from the Moreaus,
and Champlain College came to air its sorrows . . .

Before the school board's budget was even broached,
and Ashe claimed political flames were being stoked;
before the merest mention of recession
or the council's slow retreat to "executive session" . . .

A man strode in. He was wearing a gray tweed coat,
and his voice aspired to strike a bipartisan note.
Greg Epler-Wood, he stated as his name.
The telecommunications are my game.

A PC burned fake logs* near where Wood sat.
Have you come, someone asked, to give a "fireside chat"?


Here's a link to the Free Press report on the meeting.

* Editor's Note: I was confused by the PC burning fake logs, so I asked Mike to clarify. Says Mike of Epler-Wood: "He basically walked up with this laptop that had that feature where it burns fake logs on its screensaver, and he showed it around." — C. Resmer