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Buns of Steel


Published June 6, 2008 at 9:21 a.m.

I often switch between two different chairs throughout the workday: a traditional chair equipped with back- and arm-rests and a kneel-sit apparatus designed to alleviate the problems associated with sitting in that traditional position for hours on end. Of course, kneeling for hours on end presents itself with its own set of problems, which is why I tend to change it up in first place.

But now, our former Joe Hudak of Employment Section fame has discovered the answer to all my problems (and perhaps to our power needs if we can find a way to hook into the power grid). Feast your eyes on the Trek Desk! Of course, I disagree with the idea that my job is already "miserable" as the blog suggests, but, admittedly, it does sometimes wear on the 'ol keister. I'm placing my order now.