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Bob's Bumper: A Read on Mayor Kiss' Pickup Lines

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Published July 6, 2011 at 11:23 a.m.

When Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss first slapped a Progressive Party bumper sticker on the back of his old Isuzu pickup, he says he thought it would be the only one. Anyone who ever saw that old truck knows it didn’t work out that way. Over the years, the gate collected stickers promoting every imaginable liberal cause, from universal health care to affordable housing. He came to embrace the idea of making “statements on [the truck] like a moving billboard.”

When Kiss finally ditched the Isuzu in favor of a little Chevy S10 pickup, he kept the old truck’s sticker-covered gate as a souvenir. The Chevy didn’t stay pristine for long. A slew of stickers quickly accumulated on the new ride — 31, to be exact. Does the mayor practice the bumper-sticker politics that his vehicle preaches? Decide for yourself.

Click the infographic below to see it full-size. Infographic layout by Diane Sullivan.