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Blogging Chew Chew Fest: Dessert


Published June 30, 2008 at 11:06 a.m.

O.k...this post is a little belated, but what can you do?

After all of that savory, mostly meaty food I ate all afternoon, I decided to end the day with a few desserts. After all, I needed to use up all of my 36 tokens before leaving!

I started out with a "hot apple crispy" crepe (3 tokens) from the Skinny Pancake. The crepe was the perfect consistency — tender yet browned on the outside, and filled with sweet, tart apples. It comes with whipped cream, but I had to forgo that due to my lactose intolerance. I wish I could have had some.

Next I had a raspberry pecan bar (2 tokens) from New Moon, which was really dense, nutty and delicious. I wanted some of their cold-pressed coffee, too, but then I would have ended up with an extra token, so I  went for a trio of juicy strawberries covered in fudge (3 tokens) from Sam Mazza's.

Although in past years I'd been less than thrilled with some of the things I ate, this time around, I thought everything was really good. I attribute this to three factors: 1) Opting for a few reliable favorites, such as the Dismas House corn and lemonade, that are good year after year. 2) Hitting up eateries that please me on non-Chew Chew occasions. Although I'd never had a pig wing before I really like Big Fatty's, so it was a good bet that I'd be happy with it (and I was). Same thing goes for anything from the Skinny Pancake, a restaurant I enjoy quite a bit. 3) Forgetting about nutrition. In past years I've tried to build a balanced meal from the available offerings, and ended up disappointed with some of the "healthier" fare. This is only one meal on one day, after all, so if you want to eat beef and pork five different ways, I say "go for it."

Bon Appetit!