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Shay Totten (Seven Days)

Shay Totten (Seven Days)



We thought we were so smart for giving out a Best Vermont Twitter Feed Daysie award. We thought, We’ll be the first to recognize the stars of the local Twitterati! But, while our readers were voting on the Daysies, a group of enterprising local Facebookers and tweeters created their own Social Media Day and crowned a Social Media King and Queen. As luck would have it, their King and our Daysie winner are one and the same — Seven Days political columnist Shay Totten. Over the past two years, Shay has used social-media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to seek out sources, to answer questions from readers, to disseminate links to must-read stories about Vermont politics — his own and others’ — and to report on breaking news in real time. And, of course, in dispatches of 140 characters or fewer. His tweets from the Statehouse during the 2009 gay-marriage debate were read and retweeted by people all over the country. And Shay continues to write 1600 or so words every week for his column, “Fair Game.” That’s a lot of characters.

-Cathy Resmer

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