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Best Seven Days Reader-Contributor (09)

Molly Hodgdon

Published August 5, 2009 at 12:00 a.m.

Molly Hodgdon


If you read Seven Days regularly, you probably recognize the name Molly Hodgdon. She’s not part of our staff, but she’s a frequent contributor: Molly writes letters to the editor, comments on our blogs, submits restaurant reviews on the 7 Nights website, gives us story ideas and occasionally appears in Eva Sollberger’s videos. She was also a finalist in our “What I Did for Money” contest in April — the one who had earned cash for swallowing and regurgitating live fish.

Molly is a fan of Seven Days, but she’s also one of our most vocal critics. A horror-movie aficionado, she recently took critic Rick Kisonak to task in the “Letters section” and on Blurt, our staff blog, for his review of Drag Me to Hell. Molly wasn’t fond of Lauren Ober’s review of a Quadricentennial reception at the Shelburne Museum, either. “Quel dommage,” she wrote in a comment to Lauren’s Blurt post. “Why did 7d send Larry the Cable Guy to an elegant cultural event?”

Unfortunately, the reason Molly has so much time to contribute is that she’s disabled — she has systemic lupus. She recently quit a full-time job and left graduate school. “My brain is still going full-tilt,” she tells us, “but I don’t have school as an outlet, so I find that I’m writing and blogging and doing artwork and creating. I like to stay mentally active.”

Read more of her writing on her own blog, Undead Molly, at Thanks, Molly, for keeping us honest.

- Cathy Resmer

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