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Bolton Potholes

Bolton Potholes - MATTHEW THORSEN
  • Matthew Thorsen
  • Bolton Potholes

Bolton Potholes — A tucked-away gem for folks looking to cool off on hot summer days, the beautiful Bolton Potholes draw visitors from Chittenden County and beyond. Upsides: This natural swimming spot, with waterfalls flowing into a series of deep blue-green pools, is less treacherous than Huntington Gorge, there’s no entry fee and visitors go home sans chlorine residue. Downsides: Parking on the curvy access road is a hassle at best and, at worst, potentially deadly. Plus, unruly and inconsiderate visitors have burned enough bridges with the neighbors to justify them towing your illegally parked car. So if you go, be kind, pick up after yourself and don’t dive in headfirst!

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