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Best place to play pool

Three Needs (Burlington) & Charlie O's (Montpelier)

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Three Needs

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Charlie O's World Famous

There are many reasons to love Charlie-O’s World Famous in Montpelier. There’s the dive-y ambiance and the parade of local and regional bands that rock the juke joint on the weekends. Oh, and there’s the beer-and-a-shot “Happy Meal.” But this year, Daysies voters professed their appreciation for another of Charlie-O’s fine attributes: its pool table, which is among the busiest and most competitive in all of the Capital City.

SEVEN DAYS: When I play pool, it takes about two beers before I’m any good. I then have a window of about two more beers before I start to suck again. In your estimation, is that beer-to-pool-skills ratio about average, or am I just a lightweight?

BECKIE SHELOSKY, ENTERTAINMENT MANAGER: Two beers make a good pool player, four beers make a great player; more than that just makes a cocky competitor.


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