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Best place to buy a pipe

Bern Gallery

The Bern Gallery - JAMES BUCK
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Bern Gallery — Years before cannabis consumption was deemed a legal and legit way to while away an afternoon, Bern Gallery was providing Burlington stoners with all the necessary accoutrements — minus the actual bud itself — for elevating their minds. Since 2004, owners Tito Bern and his wife, Mikaela, have been blowing and selling locally produced glassware that’s both functional and inspiring. Each fall, their annual Pipe Classic competition brings to town some of North America’s best glass artists. Their finished pieces have later sold at auction for as much as $14,000. The on-site Bern School of Glass gives aspiring glassblowers all the instruction, tools and torch time they need to fire up their own careers making pipes, bongs and bubblers. Feel the Bern!

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