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Monarch & the Milkweed

Monarch & the Milkweed - OLIVER PARINI
  • Oliver Parini
  • Monarch & the Milkweed

Monarch & the Milkweed — When Monarch announced its intriguing restaurant concept — “a pastry shop fine diner” — the buzz was big. Thanks to a culinary dream team hailing from high-flying local operations such as Hen of the Wood, the Farmhouse Group and Prohibition Pig, the fare has lived up to the lofty expectations. Right in the heart of downtown Burlington, the fledgling eatery has stretched its wings and soared. It serves up biscuit breakfast sandwiches and buttery glazed cinnamon buns to a devoted fan club by morn and smoky bluefish sandwiches, corn dogs and Waldorf salads by noon and night. Whenever you go, it’ll definitely be good. But be warned: Those pastries — some of which are now available laced with cannabidiol — may become as necessary to your diet as milkweed to monarchs.

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