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Best movie theater

Majestic 10 (Williston) & Savoy Theater (Montpelier)

Inside Chittenden County

Majestic 10

Merrill's Roxy

The Majestic 10 is not an art house, but it is a fun place to line up for, say, a midnight showing of your favorite tent-pole flick. “I’d describe it as our mainstream theater, appealing more to the younger crowd,” says Merrill Jarvis III, who co-owns both the Majestic and downtown Burlington’s Merrill’s Roxy Cinemas. If a popcorn flick is what you’re in the mood for, the Majestic offers stadium seating, which ensures almost everybody a good view of the action. Opened in 2004, greater Burlington’s first digital theater is still packin’ ’em in.

SEVEN DAYS: What’s the longest line you’ve ever seen for a movie?

MERRILL JARVIS III: That definitely would have to be the last Harry Potter movie for the midnight show. There were close to 1700 people; we sold out the entire building.

SD: How often do you bust people for having outside food?

MJ III: Pretty much every day.

Outside Chittenden County

The Savoy Theater

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