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Best local record label (retired)

State & Main Records

State & Main Records

Big Heavy World

This Capital City-based collective embodies the spirit of Montpeculiar with an eclectic roster of talent that runs the gamut from hip-hop to indie pop to experimental rock, and any number of stops in between.

SEVEN DAYS: Did video really kill the radio star? If so, with which object and in which room of the mansion?

SCOTT BAKER: On August 1, 1981, the Radio Star faked his own death. Video, in a desperate attempt to build hype, took the credit. Colonel Mustard was keen to the ploy and threatened to out Video to the growing media frenzy... Video’s estranged paramour, Miss Peacock, was hired to protect [his] integrity… and offed the great colonel with the candlestick in the conservatory. Radio Star was formally buried amongst the ballyhoo, although he is alive and well and resides on a remote island with Tupac and Biggie. Their forthcoming album, featuring appearances by all three, A Very Calypso Christmas, will be released on State & Main Records. Pre-orders available now at

— Dan Bolles

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