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Best local radio DJ

Jamie & Chantal (95 Triple X)

Jamie & Chantal (95 Triple X)

Zeb Norris (The Point 104.7)

Morning jocks Jamie Scavotto and Chantal Paulino have been dishing it on air for years. Hell, Chantal’s been on the air since 1990, back when DJs used to have to spin the overnight shift. As a result, they’re pretty good at what they do: entertaining the masses, pushing people’s buttons and being royally obnoxious — all between their commercial rotation of Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and other pop gumballs, plus “entertainment sleaze,” stupid news and their infamous phone scams. So it’s no surprise that readers once again voted Chantal and pal the area’s best local radio DJs. (Actually, a previous iteration of the popular morning drive-time show Mike & Chantal won a handful of previous Daysies. Scavotto replaced Mike Czarny in 2010.)

SEVEN DAYS: Were you born this way?

JAMIE SCAVOTTO: (Laughs) Unfortunately, yes. I was born this way… [T]his is basically what I have to do with myself in order to maintain a successful, stable life. I was born dysfunctional and loud, so I guess that’s pretty much the only thing I have to go with.

CHANTAL PAULINO: Yes, unfortunately. Well, no. I was born skinny. I was born seven pounds. I now weigh a lot more than that. So, I guess no, I was not born this way.

— Lauren Ober

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