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Rookie's Root Beer

With so many temptations available at the farmers market — from last year’s Daysie winner, Samosaman, to runner-up Rookie’s Root Beer — our readers’ choice to rally around fresh veggies could suggest they’re on some kind of health kick. Or maybe they’re just clued in to the very special asset Burlington has in Half Pint Farm.

Flooding at the farm’s Intervale home destroyed one of its fields earlier this season. (Luckily, there was time to replant.) But that hasn’t kept farmers Mara and Spencer Welton from laying out bountiful piles of small, colorful veggies at the Burlington Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

SEVEN DAYS: You have such a variety of produce. Has anything been too obscure for shoppers to recognize?

MARA WELTON: Most things. The first time we put anything funky out when we first started was little white turnips — we were the first to have them. Everyone would be like, “Are these little onions?” No, they’re turnips. “Are they radishes?” No, they’re turnips. “Are they eggs?”

I was like, We have so far to go … We do a lot of education. We bill ourselves as an educational farm, ’cause we bring new things to the table every year.

—Alice Levitt

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