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Best Daysies campaign gimmick (that didn’t work)

Annie Russell

Annie Russell — There is one thing about the Daysies awards that I find troubling: nominees groveling for votes. It’s gauche. It’s tacky. On the other hand, I love me a good gimmick. And the gimmick employed by Annie Russell, nominated for best standup comic, was great.

When she’s not cracking jokes onstage, Russell is a producer at Vermont Public Radio. She used her multimedia savvy to craft the best campaign video this side of Bernie Sanders. Russell spliced together footage from celebrity interviews and testimonials, inserting her name, clumsily, into responses by George Clooney, Vogue editor Anna Wintour and even Honey Boo Boo. Said Wintour (sort of), “I’m so lucky in my work that I’m able to meet some of the most incredible women in the world, women like Sarah Jessica Parker and [ANNIE RUSSELL].” Gold.

Russell lost the Daysie to the very deserving Josie Leavitt. But she’s a winner in my book. And also Honey Boo Boo’s.

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