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Best Butt Practices

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Published October 9, 2013 at 11:20 a.m.

Dear Mistress,

I love to pleasure my partner with my tongue. Since I know she enjoys anal stimulation, I tried to use my tongue there too, but she was concerned about bacteria. She mentioned something about bacteria going from one opening to another and causing problems. Can you explain?


Love to Please

Dear Love to Please,

Anilingus, more commonly known as rimming, can be a highly pleasurable experience for both giver and receiver. Not only does it feel good, but orally stimulating your partner’s posterior can feel invigoratingly naughty and taboo. That said, there are a number of health concerns to consider before tossing your lover’s salad, as they say.

When using your tongue, fingers or any other body part to stimulate your partner, you should never double dip. When common bacteria from the anal region is introduced to the vagina and urethra, it can cause urinary tract infections and vaginitis (that’s why ladies should always wipe front to back). But your partner isn’t the only one at risk — ingesting fecal matter can introduce you to bacteria and parasites like E.coli and giardia.

To protect both of you, consider using a dental dam as a protective barrier between your tongue and her ass. A thorough washing with mild soap goes a long way to freshening up the posterior, but you can never truly sanitize it. If you can’t get your hands on a dental dam, you can improvise with an unlubricated condom or latex glove (powder free, please) — simply cut down the middle and stretch the material over the opening of the anus. For added pleasure, use a dab of lube on her side of the dental dam — the slippery sensation will feel great. If you don’t use a protective barrier, be sure to give your mouth a good swish with antiseptic mouthwash when you’re done.

Above all else, I commend you for getting down and dirty with your partner — anal stimulation can be wildly pleasurable. Just remember: When you’re hungry for some rimming, use protection and make sure to keep her ass as the main course — spreading anal bacteria around could make you lose your sexual appetite.

Come and get it,


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