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Mike Dunn (Misery Loves Co.)

Mike Dunn at Misery Love Co. - MATTHEW THORSEN
  • Matthew Thorsen
  • Mike Dunn at Misery Love Co.

Mike Dunn (Misery Loves Co.) — Some bartenders banter back and forth with their customers — about beer, wine, the Red Sox, whatever. Others keep verbiage to a minimum, assiduously avoiding eye contact except when you need a refill or the tab. At Misery Loves Co., bearded and bespectacled barman Mike Dunn is neither social butterfly nor gushing conversationalist. But he usually knows what you’re drinking long before you’ve glanced at the cocktail menu, whether your preferred potion is on that list or not. As he expertly mixes up your Seville Orange Milk Punch or your My Uncle Oswald (the latter with a Roald Dahl-inspired “snozzberry” shrub), pay attention for his wry one-liners. Dunn exudes a strange and wholly irresistible charm.

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