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Christian DuBrul - MATTHEW THORSEN
  • Matthew Thorsen
  • Christian DuBrul

Bugatti Barbers — If we had a Daysies category for best store logo, the one at Old Soul Barbershop in Winooski — featuring a skull with a pompadour above a pair of crossed straight razors — would be the odds-on favorite. Owner Christian DuBrul and his tattooed crew of badass barbers could double their income by hawking bowling shirts sporting that design. But it’s not the sign in the front window that keeps the fellas coming back for more. It’s the fact that Old Soul offers the sharpest flattops, high-and-tights, business trims and crew cuts around, with hot-towel treatments and facial-hair designs second to none. Props for offering discounts to kids, senior citizens and civil servants, too. This is as traditional as cutting-edge barbering gets.

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