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Bacon Chocolate, Mmm!


Published January 7, 2008 at 10:40 a.m.

Even though I enjoyed a creamy serving of bacon-laced vanilla ice cream at Shelburne Farms' "Whole Pig" dinner last year, I'd never dreamed of a pork-flavored chocolate bar. That is, until I received a "Mo's Bacon Bar" as a gift at the Seven Days holiday party.

Who makes this unusual confection, which is a combination of "deep milk chocolate," alder wood smoked bacon and smoked salt?  Vosges Chocolates, the ultra-luxe Chicago biz that also turns out white chocolate and kalamata olive bars, paprika truffles, candied violet truffles and tortilla chips covered in chile chocolate.

How did it taste? Sweet, smoky, salty and delicious.  The chocolate isn't just bacon infused, it's actually studded with tiny, crispy bits of meat.   

Even at a premium price of $7 (or more in some places), I'd buy another one. Unfortunately, Vosges chocolate is nearly impossible to get in Vermont. The company's website lists one Green Mountain source: the Woodstock Farmers' Market. Other than that, we can mail order the stuff or drive to Hanover, NH or Youville, QC for a fix.

What's the weirdest kind of chocolate you've ever tried?