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The Love Counselor



Dear Lola,

I know this doesn’t seem like an appropriate Lola letter, but I’ve just driven home from a week out of state, and I was so irritated by the dopes on the road who don’t clear the snow off their cars that it was either write you or resort to road rage. Consider this my howl of fury.

Blinded in Bolton

Dear Blinded,

There really are very few topics that don’t relate to issues of love, and the one you’ve raised is no exception. As I see it, the inconsiderate slobs you describe fall into two categories. Those who don’t clear the snow from their front and/or rear windows are endangering themselves, and doing us all a favor by angling for self-elimination from the gene pool. Those who fail to clear the snow from their roofs are obviously not getting enough of doo-wah-ditty back home, if you catch my drift, and are taking out their sexual frustrations on the rest of us. Think about that next time you encounter a snow-covered car, and you’re bound to feel better. I know I do.

Love, Lola