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App Review: VT Swimming Holes

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If you like nothing better than diving, or dipping, into a body of water on a hot day, the VT Swimming Holes app offers a wealth of information to help you get there. Developed by Waterbury-based cTechnica, the app has an extensive list of literal watering holes in the wilds and woods of Vermont.

The cTechnica team appreciates the inherent risks of swimming in a natural pool without a lifeguard, so each spot on the list comes with a safety rating (indicated by a number ranking both adult and family safety) and a description of the location. This info makes evaluating any swimming site quick and easy before you even leave home. Also, as some of these swimming holes are off the beaten path, the app includes step-by-step instructions on how to reach them, as well as a link to Google Maps.

It’s clear that these developers revere the natural environment, as many of the site descriptions include pleas not to leave trash or debris, and to help preserve the family-friendly setting. All the information about the sites was updated after last year’s Tropical Storm Irene, a disaster that changed some of Vermont’s waterways. The developer welcomes user comments to help keep the app current.

My favorite feature is a surprisingly extensive “filing cabinet” that allows users to store notes and even pictures. It’s a nice touch, and really underscores the sense that the developers at cTechnica are passionate about nature.

My only real complaint about the app is that while trying to use the “upload document” function, I had some problems with getting locked into the camera and not being able to back out unless I took a picture. However, this problem could very well be isolated, so don’t let it discourage you from checking out the app. For only a dollar, it’s a must-have for any Vermont water lover.

Available at the App Store for 99 cents. For more info, visit