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'Antiques Roadshow' to Make Its Vermont Debut


Nicholas Lowry appraises Howard Chandler Christy's "The Spirit of America" at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire. - KATHERINE NELSON HALL FOR WBGH
  • Katherine Nelson Hall for WBGH
  • Nicholas Lowry appraises Howard Chandler Christy's "The Spirit of America" at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire.
Before Pandemic Winter No. 3 propels you into full-force Marie Kondo mode — purging from your life all objects that don’t “spark joy” — you might want to hang onto a few things until July 12.

That’s when the hit PBS television show "Antiques Roadshow" will make its Vermont debut at Shelburne Museum. The event will be part of the show’s 27th season and will include appraisals of objects, antiques and artwork that ticketed folks bring to the museum. That’s where the experts, on camera, will make a little small talk, ask a few questions — Where’d ya score this? It’s been in the attic how long? — before laying its monetary value on the owner of the piece.

The summer production tour will bring "Antiques Roadshow" to five “distinctive, historic locations,” according to a press release announcing the sites. The events in Nashville, Tenn., Boise, Idaho, Santa Fe, N.M., Woodside, Calif., and Shelburne will all take place outdoors, as part of the production’s emphasis on "health and safety."

“I can’t wait to resume our familiar appraisal-event production format this year and am most excited to interact with our fans on-set,” executive producer Marsha Bemko is quoted in the release.

If you’ve always wondered about the age of that eight-leg, oval table from your grandmother, or been curious about the value of your uncle's painting of the eruption of Mount Pelée in Martinique, now’s your chance to find out.

Shelburne Museum seems custom-made to host "Antiques Roadshow." The 45-acre museum has been displaying roadshow-like objects since 1947, when founder Electra Havemeyer Webb made a home for her father-in-law’s carriage collection — and never looked back.

Episodes from each stop on the summer tour will be part of the show's 2023 season. Admission to the TV event at Shelburne Museum is free but tickets are required. To enter to win tickets, go to pbs.org/roadshowtickets from January 24 to March 21.

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