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A Cabot Habit

Instead of "trick-or-treat," say "cheese?"


Published October 17, 2006 at 6:46 p.m.

You adjust your costume, knock on the door, and wait anxiously until an adult appears with a big bowl of . . . cheddar? Yep! This year, Cabot Creamery is encouraging people who give Halloween handouts to substitute cheese for chocolate. In particular, the company recommends its Cheddar Minis as a healthy alternative. Parents will like the fact that they're individually wrapped.

With obesity and childhood-diabetes rates swelling, Cabot health spokesperson Sara Wing suggests, "While a special treat now and again isn't going to harm anyone, it's important that kids not learn to associate celebrations, good behavior and special events as opportunities to gorge on sweets."

Scientists now believe that eating cheese can help reduce tooth decay - a bonus if less health-conscious parents continue to provide sugar-soaked Smarties, Snickers and Starbursts at Halloween.

You can find Cheddar Minis at Hannaford, Shaw's and Costco, or from the Cabot website at http://www.shopcabot.com.