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Need some help? 

A lot has changed on this website. We launched a totally new design on February 11, 2014 and yes, we've moved some stuff around. Hopefully you're finding everything you came here for and some other great stuff that you didn't even know that you wanted.

If you're a little lost, check out the FAQ (frequently asked questions) below and see if your questions has already been answered. If not, use this form to submit your question and we'll get back to you, pronto!

Q: What happened to the 7 Nights website?

We have discontinued 7 Nights as a standalone website. It does, however, exist as a print magazine (published each May). But more importantly, all the write-ups, reviews and ratings are integrated into this website now. Check out the food section or search for your favorite restaurant using the "location search" at the top of every page.

Q: I need help signing in to the site. How do I use an old account from 7 Nights?

If you had an account on the old 7 Nights website, you can use the same account on this site. We've migrated your screen name, email address and all of your comments, but for security reasons, we could not transfer your password. It's easy to get your new password, just click the "retrieve password" link on this page. We'll send you an email with your new password and instructions about setting up your new profile (you can make a new password of your choosing once you're signed in).

Q: Can I use my Personals or Classifieds account logins to sign in on this site?

No. Because there is financial information associated with those accounts and they are not directly connected to this website, you'll need to create a new site member account to use on this website.

Q: Where can I watch Stuck in Vermont videos?

Eva Sollberger's videos are now in the new Arts+Life section. You can find a link to her newest video below the green navigation bar when you hover over the word "arts+life." Eva's videos are also featured on on the right hand side of our homepage and on article pages throughout the website.

Q: How do I post a letter to the editor?

Seven Days publishes numerous insightful letters from our readers each week. There's a link to submit your own letter in the upper right hand corner of most article pages.

Q: What happened to the blogs?

You can find Off Message, Live Culture and Bite Club under their respective topics: News+Opinion, Arts+Life and Food. Blog posts are also mixed in with other newspaper articles in each section with the newest posts flowing to the top.

Q: Where are the art listings?

Art shows are found in the Arts+Life section now. Find a black button link to "art shows" below the green navigation bar when you hover over the word "arts+life." You can also look up art shows using the "stuff to do" tool on the homepage and throughout the site.

Q: How can I find this week’s newspaper articles?

Recent articles are promoted all around the site, but if you are interested in browsing a particular issue of the newspaper, start on the homepage and click on this week's newspaper cover under "the paper." You can also click the cover at the bottom of any page.