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Seven Daysies FAQ 

Question: I want to nominate a company that doesn’t fit into any of the categories. How do I add one?

Answer: At this time, all of the categories are set. When we pick new categories, we consider the following;

  • Would readers find a category useful?
  • Can you name more than three nominees for a category?
  • Is it a distinctly Vermont thing?
If your suggestion fits the above, please email with your idea, and we’ll consider adding it to the ballot next year.

Question: Why do I have to nominate/vote in 50 categories? How can I keep track of how many I’ve submitted?

Answer: The 50-vote minimum prevents targeted “ballot stuffing” and makes the voting more fair for all of the candidates. Unfortunately, there isn’t a tracker to keep track of how many nominations you’ve submitted. We recommend you use the numbered categories as a reference to keep track.

Question: Where is the submit button? How do I know if I submitted my ballot?

Answer: There is no final submit button. Once you hit nominate, it should say “nominated” next to your entry. You can change your answer at any time.

Question: Why do I have to make an account?

Answer: The software requires users to create an account — but we don’t view it as a bad thing. Since the ballot is lengthy, users can log in and out whenever they want. They can also change their answers if they want. It also prevents ballot stuffing.

Question: Why are there two rounds? Didn’t there used to be only one?

Answer: We’ve added the second round to highlight the amazing businesses that don’t win. Yes, it’s great to be the winner and the runner-up, but what about third place? We wanted to show our readers and advertisers the finalists so a few more people get their moment in the spotlight.

Question: Why are some businesses coming up and others aren’t when I type in the nominate field during the first round?

Answer: The nomination round allows people to write in their nominations. Once something is entered, it automatically saves, so it may pop up when other people begin to type their own responses. To be fair to everyone, none of the categories were pre-populated. At the end of the first round, we personally go through every category and merge all of the entries that are similar (misspelled, etc.) to make sure no votes are missed.

Question: Why do some categories have ICC (Inside Chittenden County) and OCC (Outside Chittenden County) options in the second round?

Answer: If a category receives an overwhelming amount of nominations (enough to break it into ICC and OCC), we will add the designation in the second voting round.

Question: I’m having trouble registering. What do I do?

Answer: We would suggest trying a different browser and device. If that doesn't work, please let us know by emailing

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