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Yule Haul: The 2017 Vermont Holiday Gift Guide


Published November 22, 2017 at 4:30 a.m.
Updated December 15, 2019 at 4:08 p.m.

  • Abby Manock

It's the most wonderful time of the year — a season for spreading love, goodwill and, of course, gifts. We'll help you do all three with our second annual holiday shopping guide. Here you'll find clever presents for every person — and pet — on your list. We've also sprinkled in a few suggestions for giving back. When it comes to shopping local and supporting the community, sharing a little holiday cheer makes a big difference.

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Wearables & Accessories top

Vintage Silver Compact Mirror

Your aunt should have been born in the tropics — but, for now, she's stuck in the frigid northlands. This Vintage Silver compact mirror, with its low-relief tropical plantation scene, will be a sweet (and historically complex) reminder that you know where her heart truly lies. $125 at Lippa's Estate and Fine Jewelry in Burlington.

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Mah Jongg Bracelet

Mom's a freak for mah jongg and says she plays the complex game to keep her brain sharp. You think she secretly loves winning quarters, but whatever. Help her rule the table fashionably with a bracelet made of pretty mah jongg tiles. $38 at Billie Jean Vintage in Stowe.

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Blue Q Socks

Your grandmother has a sassy sense of humor — and a penchant for pinot. Show her some love with quirky Blue Q socks that read: "My favorite salad is wine." $9.99 at Ruelle Boutique in Waterbury.

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"Snatch the Patriarchy" Patch

There's nothing subtle about your friend's punk-feminist style. Support her justifiable outrage with Burlington designer Ruby Electra's "Snatch the Patriarchy" patch for her favorite denim jacket. Nothing says "dissent" like a sea of disembodied vaginas. $10 for a multi-snatch patch at electricrutabaga.com; partial proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.

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Just Black Denim

As her bank account knows, your sister can never have enough jeans. Show her that not every pair needs to cost an arm and a leg. Made in America and more affordable than your typical designer denim, Just Black Denim has developed a cult following for its super-comfy feel and moderate stretch. Prices vary at Tangerine in Burlington.

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Barefoot Dreams Robe

Your type-A girlfriend is always on the go, pushing her day around like a boss — because she is one. Help her relax at home with a Barefoot Dreams robe. Made of fluffy microfiber, it's soft and cuddly AF and comes in five gentle hues. $140 at Hydrangea Too in Burlington.

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One World Brothers' Regal Reversible Vest

Vermont menswear brand One World Brothers' Regal Reversible Vest is solid red on one side and patterned on the other, making it the perfect piece for your hipster boyfriend to rock in the workplace or at the farmers market. Bonus: A portion of every sale benefits the Concern India Foundation, which aids that country's underprivileged people. $98, available online.

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Food & Drink top

Cooking Classes With Chef Contos

Now that he's retired, Dad needs a new hobby. Help him turn his love of PBS cooking shows into actual kitchen skills. At Chef Contos Kitchen & Store in Shelburne — voted one of the best cooking schools in the world by Food & Wine — he'll learn about everything from piecrust to pasta to pressure-cooking in a low-pressure atmosphere. Did we mention it's BYOB? Prices vary.

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Wüsthof Knife

Next year, your food-obsessed friend is applying to culinary school. Give her your vote of confidence and help her make the cut by buying her a chef's most essential tool: a precision-forged Wüsthof knife for chopping, dicing and slicing. Super sharp and made in Germany, it's built to last. That's good, because your pal is just getting started. $99.99 for the eight-inch blade at Kiss the Cook in Burlington.

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Bourbon Lovers Gift Set

Your mixology-loving main squeeze is forever trying to up his Old Fashioned game. He's got his favorite spirits and bitters — now all he needs are the aromatic edible mists from Burlington "cocktail apothecary" Alice & the Magician. The Bourbon Lovers Gift Set contains three sprays — Autumn Bonfire, Citrus Blossom Harvest, and Rosemary & Wild Honey — guaranteed to blow a bourbon nerd's mind. $45.

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Gourmet Truffles From Laughing Moon Chocolates

While she's cracking your back into shape, you and your chiropractor love to dish about all things food — from the latest local restaurant openings to what you made for dinner last night. Wish her a sweet holiday season with gourmet truffles from Stowe's Laughing Moon Chocolates. Outrageously good flavors include chamomile-lavender and Bayley Hazen Blue cheese. $2.25 each.

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Caledonia Spirit's Tom Cat Gin

Your soulful, poetry-writing brother loves a good gin cocktail — especially a negroni. But the light beverage doesn't always translate well to the winter months. Enter Caledonia Spirit's Tom Cat Gin, aged in new oak barrels to give the herbal concoction a previously uncharted depth. Finally, a spirit as complex as your bro's. Available at liquor stores statewide.

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Majolica Bowls

Your roommate has graduated from boiling water for instant ramen to perfecting fluffy steamed rice. She's even tackling rudimentary Japanese dishes involving seaweed. Encourage her culinary evolution with a pair of pretty chopstick-holding majolica bowls made by Marshfield potter Leslie Koehler. She'll use that second bowl, of course, to serve you. $42 per bowl at Art on Main in Bristol.

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Cold Hollow Sampler Gift Basket

Every time your West Coast in-laws come to visit, they insist on heading to Cold Hollow Cider Mill for the cider doughnuts. Those to-die-for baked goods might not survive cross-country mailing, but a Cold Hollow Sampler gift basket sure would. Little jars of honey, cider jelly, maple mustard, pumpkin butter and maple granules will remind the fam how sweet you are. $24.95 plus shipping at the Waterbury Center store or online.

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Arts & Crafts top

Difficult Chickens Adult Coloring Book

Your graphic-designer coworker is one cool chick. Not only does she make work fun, she keeps hens at home and sells their beautiful fresh eggs to the whole office for cheep — er, cheap. Vermont artist Sarah Rosedahl's Difficult Chickens, a whimsical adult coloring book featuring 26 chicken breeds organized A to Z, will let her know that you give a cluck. $9.99 at Vermont bookstores.

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Frame That Poster!

Your dad has cherished his signed Clash poster since forever — well, the '80s — but it's still rolled up in his closet. No longer, because you're going to sneak it out and frame it at last. Even Mom will consider it an objet d'art, not to mention a sweet reminder of Dad in his mosh-pit days. Prices vary by style and size in local frame shops.

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Lidded Octo Canister

Your marine-obsessed hubby dreams about being under the sea. But trips to the ocean are few and far between, so why not treat him to something special he'll see daily? Specifically, Tim Christensen's black-and-white porcelain Lidded Octo Canister. The many-tentacled octopi racing across the sgraffito ceramic will forever remind him of his second greatest love (after you, of course). $2,250 at the Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury.

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Vintage Camera

Your friend is an analog-photo geek. Her bathroom looks more like a darkroom than a place to brush her teeth. But she's been using the same gear since she started. Expand her artistic options with a vintage camera from Vermont Camera Works in Pittsford, a museum-like shop that's run by experts and full of treasures. Various styles and prices.

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Moleskine Notebooks

Since elementary school, you've thrilled to open a brand-new notebook, even well before the previous one was filled. Turns out your niece has inherited the passion for paper, so introducing her to Moleskines, with the handy place-marking ribbon, is a no-brainer. Besides, they now come in her favorite color, pink. Various sizes and prices at area book and gift shops.

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Donate Hand-knit Baby Caps and Quilts

'Tis the season for bundling up, and many local charities could use a warm gesture. Crafty types can donate hand-knit baby quilts and preemie baby caps, for instance, to the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Burlington, which supports families with seriously ill children seeking treatment at the University of Vermont Children's Hospital. There's even a downloadable cap pattern on its website.

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Prints From Public Works Press

Art is the obvious gift for your curator cousin, but you want to make sure it suits her taste. That's where Public Works Press comes in. Through the end of January, the Burlington-based print shop has a show at New City Galerie featuring numerous artists, and all of the work is for sale. Take your cuz to lunch, and then to the gallery so she can pick out an art print (like this one by Noah Lagle) to take home. $40-500.

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Outdoors top

ICETrekkers Diamond Grip Boot Chains

Your sister-in-law loves taking the dog for long walks through the woods all year round. But the best trails get icy in the winter, which makes keeping up with Rex a challenge — not to mention dangerous. She'll appreciate the added traction when she slips a pair of ICETrekkers Diamond Grip chains over her boots come January. $39.99 at Dan & Whit's in Norwich.

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Nathan Bandolier Safety Vest

Mom ran half of the Vermont City Marathon this year and hopes to do the full 26.2 miles in 2018. That means training in winter — and running after dark. So she'll need the Nathan Bandolier Safety Vest, which is specially designed to allow unrestricted arm movement and is fully reflective from every angle. $25 at Skirack in Burlington.

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Winter Survival Class

Your big-city girlfriend fancies herself the outdoorsy type and is itching to try long-distance snowshoeing this winter. Before she does, set her up with a weekend-long winter survival class from Montpelier's Roots School. She'll learn important skills like winter shelter building, winter fire making and, best of all, not freezing to death. $220.

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Darn Tough Socks

From Spartan Races to triathlons to hiking the Long Trail, your extreme-sporting stepdad is always on the go. And all that hoofing has taken its toll on his socks. He deserves a pair as tough as he is — Darn Tough, that is. Made in Northfield, these endurance socks have a cult following and are unconditionally guaranteed for life. Various prices at Vermont sporting and shoe stores.

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Donate to the Chill Foundation

When your wayward kid brother was, well, still a kid, skateboarding and snowboarding kept him out of trouble. Help him pay it forward with a donation to the Chill Foundation. The nonprofit youth program started by Burton Snowboards' Jake Burton and Donna Carpenter introduces kids in underserved communities to the inspiring power of board sports. Donate any amount at chill.org.

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UCO Micro Candle Lantern

Your nature-loving bestie is an avid outdoorswoman who doesn't slow down when the temps drop. That's why she'll dig the UCO Micro Candle Lantern, a compact, lightweight little number that will warm the interior of her tent and help reduce condensation on chilly, damp nights. $14.95 at Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington.

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Studded Bike Tires

Your cycling-enthusiast coworker commutes to work on his bike 12 months a year. But he's always late in the winter when the roads get nasty. Save him some time — and grief from the boss — with a set of snow-crunching studded bike tires. Prices vary at Old Spokes Home in Burlington.

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Home top

Davis Hill Weather Stick

Your coworker is a major weather geek — she's always checking the radar app on her phone. To make sure she can still divine the elements when she's offline, get her a traditional Davis Hill weather stick. The thin wooden branch attaches to the side of her house. When blue skies are in order, the stick points up. When storms are imminent, it points to the ground. $7.95 at the Shelburne Country Store.

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Hedgehog Mixing Bowl

Not only is your bestie a killer cook, she's — rather inexplicably — wild about hedgehogs. Maintaining a real one seems impractical, but this hedgie-decorated mixing bowl is cute and useful, too. It's the perfect size for whipping up her famous baba ghanoush. $19.99 at As the Crow Flies in St. Albans.

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Two's Company Golf Club Bottle Opener

Dad's golf game just ain't what it used to be. Though it won't help his short game or lower his handicap on the first 18 holes, this Two's Company golf club bottle opener is the perfect club selection for making par on the 19th — aka the clubhouse bar. $24.99 at Stowe Street Emporium in Waterbury.

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Vinyl Tote

Your vinyl-collector cousin would go crazy at Autumn Records in Winooski. The area's newest record shop features a wide and well-curated inventory of albums, from pop to avant-garde and beyond. Get her started by snagging a few choice selections — maybe some David Bowie or Zazou/Bikaye/CY1 — wrapped in a smart AR tote, which she'll undoubtedly refill every time she shops there. $16 for the tote; record prices vary.

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Vintage Leather Backgammon Board

Thanks to your grandpa, a chess Life Master, you and your brother have a shared love of old-school entertainment. Gramps taught you all the card and board game classics way back when you were kids. Gift your bro a manly vintage leather backgammon board as a reminder of those good times — then challenge him to a game after Hanukkah dinner. $40 at the Burnished Fox in St. Albans.

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Beeswax Candles and Hurricanes

Your uncle and his husband go gaga decorating for all occasions, and everything has to be just so (read: classy). So here's a luxe two-fer for their sumptuous table: a pair of sweet-smelling beeswax pillars — $25 small, $40 large — at Vermont HoneyLights in Bristol, and two Echo Lake hurricane-style candleholders at Simon Pearce. The latter (which can also serve as vases) come in three sizes. $155-245 in Quechee, Burlington and Hanover, N.H.

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Bennington Potters Classic Dinnerware

Your perpetually broke grad-student daughter is a thrifting queen — almost everything in her tiny apartment was a Goodwill score. But you know that her mismatched dinnerware secretly drives her crazy. Remind her that real-life paychecks are right around the corner with a set of beautiful, durable stoneware pottery. $90-107 per Classic Dinnerware 4-Piece Place Setting at Bennington Potters in Burlington and Bennington.

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Kids top

Passes to Get Air Trampoline Park

Your grandkids always seem to be bouncing off the walls. Here's a way to turn that excess energy into a good time (and physical fitness!): Gift them with passes to Get Air Trampoline Park in Williston, $9 to $24, depending on length of time and size of kid, plus $3 for jump socks. Come to think of it, how about passes for the whole family?

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Replica

Even though they lived millennia ago, dinosaurs just never get old. That's why your future-archaeologist little sister will be thrilled with a Schleich World of History plastic replica of the coolest colossus of them all: Tyrannosaurus rex. $17 at Jamie Two Coats' Toy Shop in Shelburne.

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Vermont Onesies

Your sister moved to Brooklyn a few years back and, in addition to becoming a hipster, just became a mother. Make her little guy the coolest infant in Williamsburg with an organic Eat More Kale onesie, designed and printed in Montpelier ($22 at eatmorekale.com) and a Keep Vermont Weird retro-style onesie ($16 at Vermont Republik in Burlington).

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Build-Your-Own Concrete Mixer Kit

Your pint-size neighbors love the S.D. Ireland parade that cruises down your street every St. Patrick's Day. Get ahead of the ball by giving them an adorable Build-Your-Own Concrete Mixer kit. Other Steven Mattern designs include a semi carrying a banana, and an excavator. $22 each at Birdfolk Collective in Winooski.

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Skate Gear and Lessons

Seems like only yesterday your goddaughter took her first steps, and now she can't wait to join the bigger kids at the skate park. Set her up with a beginner skateboard and, of course, pads and a helmet. The shop deck plus hardware is about $160, and the gear about $100 more, at Maven in Burlington. To make her mom less anxious, throw in a gift certificate for newbie lessons at Talent Skatepark in South Burlington. $25-40.

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Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit

It's about time for your Play Doh-obsessed nephew to graduate to something a little more sophisticated. The Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit lets him concoct his own colors and even comes with a trio of "special effects" putties — glitter, pearl and glow in the dark. Silly Putty it ain't. $19.99 at Woodbury Mountain Toys in Montpelier.

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Crafts at Webby's Art Studio

This Halloween, your little one dressed up as Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. She's also mounted "exhibitions" of her own crayon drawings in every corner of the house. Cultivate her creative talents with a fun Saturday craft in Webby's Art Studio at Shelburne Museum. Art activities range from pastel drawing to beginner stitching. Free with museum admission.

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Beauty & Body top

Spa Day Pass at Stoweflake

It's tough to be a political junkie these days. What with all the marching, calling her representatives and keeping up with the news cycle, your roomie has become a nervous wreck. Help her de-stress with a spa day pass. It allows access to a sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, dope-ass aqua solarium, fitness facilities, and soaking and swimming pools. $40-50 at Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa in Stowe.

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Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince

Your BFF is chronically attached — at the lips — to a new girlfriend. Keep her mouth moisturized while reminding her who her real lifelong love should always be: herself. A slick little tube of Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince should convey the message. The sheer tint goes on green and turns pink in response to her unique pH. Now she's the one with the magic kiss. $22 at Mirror Mirror in Burlington.

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Custom Eyelash Extensions

Your drama-queen cousin is going full drag in the spring, and you know he'd just love some luxurious lashes to bat over those baby blues. And, gurrl, a long-lasting customized pair of eyelash extensions is way better than trying to glue on fake ones. $175 at Honeybloom in Colchester.

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Tattoo Gift Card

Nothing says "I love you" like a tattoo gift certificate to get "I love you" inked somewhere on your significant other's body. Just kidding! But, seriously, he's been wanting that French bulldog tat for as long as you've known him. Help a guy out. Prices vary at tattoo studios statewide.

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Custom Signature Scent

Your daughter has super-sensitive skin, which makes it hard for her to wear synthetic perfumes. But she adores whiffs of sandalwood, neroli and jasmine. Give her an olfactory treat that will be just as kind to her skin as her nose with a custom signature scent from Burlington's Lunaroma, a natural aromatherapy shop. $250.

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Chasworth Farm Soaps

Oh no! In the office Secret Santa swap, you drew the name of a coworker you don't really know. Never fear; Chasworth Farm soaps are here. Everyone needs to wash their hands, right? This St. Albans soap studio crafts luxurious bars in scrumptious scents like Vermont Maple and Orange Winter Spice. The classic Our Farm Soap is made with local egg yolks, honey, beeswax and sunflower oil. Try not to eat them all. $6 per bar.

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Foot Pampering

Sure, we're bundled like walking igloos all winter, but it's nice knowing our toes look good under all the layers, right? Mom would love a pedicure, but foot massage and nail care are welcome treats for anyone — glitter polish optional. Prices vary by treatment at nail salons and spas statewide.

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Experiences top

Fairy Card Reading With Emily Anderson

Your yoga buddy has been a little down in the dumps this year. Cheer her up with a custom fairy card reading with Emily Anderson. The Vermont artist's quirky drawings and insights just might give your girlfriend some spiritual guidance — and leave her with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for herself. $15-30 at Bluebird Fairies in Burlington.

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Goatskin Wood-frame Drum and Beater

Your pal Seamus will be the envy of Celtic musicians throughout the Green Mountains when he shows up to the next Sunday afternoon Irish music session at the pub with this bodhran-style goatskin wood-frame drum and beater. Guinness not included. $48 at Recycled Reading of Vermont in Bristol.

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Vermont State Parks Pass

Seasonal affective disorder is real, and your teenage brother's moping makes you think he's got a case of SAD. (That, or he's just a teen.) Either way, he could use a dose of vitamin D and the great outdoors to get him out of his funk. Buy him, and yourself, a Vermont State Parks pass so you can hike, bike, paddle and swim your way through 55 state parks together. Adventures await! $30 per individual season pass, available online.

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Thirst Wine Club

Doesn't seem like that long ago your sis was guzzling milk with dinner, but, lo and behold, she's now a budding oenophile. Help her develop a taste for terroir with a pair of interesting wines each month through the Thirst Wine Club. Besides, you know she's going to invite you over to share the goods along with the deets. $30 per month at Dedalus Wine Shop, Market & Wine Bar in Burlington.

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Vermont Comedy Club Gift Card

Your roommate is a comedy fiend. One night, after streaming her fave standup special for the bazillionth time, she asked if laughter counts as a physical activity. To help keep that smile on her face and introduce her to new funny people, give her access to local shows with a gift certificate to the Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington. It's good for comedy classes, too, should she want to step onstage herself. $25-200.

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Sustain Natural Condoms

Caring about the environment is sexy. So is caring about women's bodies. So you're pretty sure your girlfriend will be turned on, rather than weirded out, when you gift her with a box of Sustain Natural condoms for your mutual enjoyment. The Burlington-based company has created the first-ever fair-trade, nitrosamine-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, GMO-free prophylactics. They're also triple-tested, so you can get it on worry-free. $13.99 per 10-pack, available online.

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Overnight Stay at Blueberry Hill Inn

Last winter, your parents treated themselves to brand-new cross-country skis. This winter, give them the keys to more than 50 kilometers of beautiful trails in the Green Mountain National Forest with an overnight at Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen. A one-night stay includes a country breakfast, use of the sauna and Outdoor Center, and a bottomless jar of chocolate chip cookies. $175-315 per room.

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Learning / Classes / Books top

Brown Girl Dreaming

Jacqueline Woodson's award-winning memoir Brown Girl Dreaming tells the story of coming up in the 1960s and '70s, and migrating from the South to New York City. Your cousin loves to read and might benefit from a little, shall we say, cultural context. Give her this, and she'll soon see why the Vermont Humanities Council chose the book for its 2017 Vermont Reads program. $10.99 paperback at Vermont bookstores.

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Advanced Building Workshop

Your brother loves fooling around in the woodshop. Up his game, and his skill set, with a more advanced building workshop — on, say, cabinets and built-ins. Hey, maybe he'll build you a tiny house someday. $1,125 at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Waitsfield.

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Salsa Lessons

Your parents love Latin music and are dying to travel to Cuba. But, it must be said, their dance moves are dorky. Help them shake their booties with private or group salsa lessons. Prices vary at SalsaLina Dance Studio in Burlington.

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Wood Lathe Certification Class

Education is the gift that keeps on giving. That's why you're signing up your creative sister for the Wood Lathe Certification class at the Generator maker space in Burlington. She gets to learn how to use a wood lathe and tools with names like "spindle gouge" and "skew chisel." And then, next year, you get a perfectly spindle-gouged (or whatever) wooden bowl from her. Everybody wins. $70.

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Flatstock Screenprint Workshop

Sometimes, the person who knows what you want most is you. And what you really want is some dedicated studio time to learn the art of screenprinting. So apply for the Flatstock Screenprint Workshop — six weeks of training, followed by eight weeks of studio time — with Iskra Print Collective in Burlington. The whole thing culminates in a show at the Karma Bird House Gallery. $450.

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The Shower Scene From Hamlet

Your fiancé loves poetry almost as much as he loves you. He reads a poem every morning before work and another every night before bed. Give him something fresh to page through and puzzle over: Burlington writer Daniel Lusk's new collection, The Shower Scene From Hamlet, should do the trick. $15.95 at Vermont bookstores.

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90-minute Intro to SUP Class

Uncle Bob likes canoeing. But since his sciatica started flaring up again, he just can't handle all that sitting down. So he'd probably love standup paddleboarding. Give him a splash course in the increasingly popular water sport with a 90-minute Intro to SUP class from Burlington's WND&WVS. $25.

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Pets & Their Humans top

Pet Photo Portraits

Your sweet neighbor has the kindest heart — especially toward the gentle giant she loves to ride. Why not gift this special lady with a professional portrait of her handsome horsie? Kelly Schulze of Mountain Dog Photography in Ferrisburgh captures all kinds of critters with a loving lens. Prices of sessions and print packages vary.

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CannaNatural Biscuits from the Healthy Hemp Pet Company

Odie is getting on in years. And even though he still loves a romp in the yard, he's a little creaky afterward. CannaNatural biscuits from the Healthy Hemp Pet Company feature two milligrams of CBD oil in every treat, which might help the old man's joints loosen up after a good game of fetch. $7.99 per one-ounce bag or $29.99 per four-ounce bag at Pet Food Warehouse in South Burlington and Shelburne.

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Cat Tower

There's no question your feline is the queen of your castle — er, apartment. Treat her like the royalty she is by getting her a cat tower. Not only will the multi-tier structure allow her the best view of her domain, its built-in scratching posts will help her file down those kitty claws. All the better for snuggle time. $60-118 at The Dog and Cat in Essex Junction and Stowe.

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Andy's Dandys Frosted Mini Bones

Your 12-year-old niece's parents finally caved and got her a puppy. That means a lot of training, which means a lot of training treats. Keep the pooch's diet locavore with tasty (and healthy) frosted mini bones from Andy's Dandys — they come in honey-oat, cinnamon-peanut and apple-cheddar flavors. Whozagoodboy? $8.95 at Andy's Dandys in Richmond.

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Become a Guardian Angel

Your animal-loving tween can't wait until he's old enough to volunteer at the local shelter. Until then, he can be a "Guardian Angel." Your $250 donation to the Humane Society of Chittenden County gets his name engraved on a placard, to be displayed on different cages for one calendar year, so he can see which four-legged friends he's helped find their fur-ever homes.

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SimplyB Vermont's Funny Friends Catnip Toys

"Feisty" doesn't even begin to describe your calico cat. Get her a plaything with a personality as big as her own: SimplyB Vermont's Funny Friends Catnip Toys have silly felt googly eyes sewn onto colorful batik fabrics, and they're filled with the freshest nip around. Me-ow! $6.50 at the Quirky Pet in Montpelier.

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Doggy Massage

Maybe it's the changing weather or all the squirrels in the yard lately, but Scraps just hasn't seemed like his normal, tail-wagging self lately. Help him take the edge off with a gentle doggy massage at Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa in South Burlington. $45-60.

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