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Dada Lives!


Published March 27, 2008 at 3:01 p.m.

Check out this link, courtesy of our own Michael Bradshaw (don't ask me how he stumbled across it), for what appears to be Yvette's Bridal/Formal Wear, located in Panama City, Florida:

A distracting, tiled peacock background; a random floating geometric cube; no discernible structure or order; bagpipe audio clips; links to poetry and recipes (wait, what?) — yup, Yvette's website has got it all. This is either one of the worst websites ever created or an ingeniousstudy of Dada and/or Surrealist sensibilities (in that vein, I thinkit's pure genius).Whatever you make of it, consider it the best reason to embrace CSS and hire a designer...please. Or tell her yourself: her contact info, it's...let me just scroll down here...well it's somewhere. 

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