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Challengers Outspent Kiss 5-to-1 in Burlington Mayor's Race


Published March 20, 2009 at 2:35 p.m.

The totals are in, and challengers to incumbent Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss outspent the frugal Progressive by a 5-to-1 margin.

Kiss' spending totals were just shy of $20,000, while his opponents spent a combined $107,000.

At the head of the pack was Independent Dan Smith, who spent $51,193. In the end, Smith earned 1306 first-place votes in Burlington's instant-runoff system, or roughly $39 per vote.

In second place for spending is Republican Kurt Wright, the current city council president and Ward 4 councilor, spending a little more than $34,000.  Democrat Andy Montroll spent a little more than $21,000.  Green Party candidate James Simpson did not file any paperwork with the city clerk's office.

Here's the breakdown:

Progressive Bob Kiss
Raised: $20,265
Spent: $19,946

Democrat Andy Montroll
Raised: $17,863
Spent: $16,947
In addition, Montroll owes himself $4,620, which he has reported as a loan or other outstanding obligation. That brings his total to $21,567.

Independent Dan Smith
Raised: $50,968
Spent: $51,193
In addition, Smith owes himself $225.

Republican Kurt Wright
Raised: $39,365 (including $1859 of in-kind contributions)
Spent: $34,585

Nothing too surprising in terms of contributions and expenditures — each candidate largely spent money on campaign flyers, lawn signs, office supplies and staff.  Some, obviously, more than others.

As for advertising, here's a rundown of how candidates spent their money in the media:

Wright was the only candidate to run a TV spot. The $2360 ad ran on WCAX. He spent another $1000 to produce the spot. He spent about $10,000 on radio ads, and $650 on newspaper ads in the North Avenue News.

Smith spent roughly $3,000 on print ads in the Burlington Free Press, Seven Days and the North Avenue News. He spent $3400 on radio ads and about $750 on Internet-based advertising — largely Facebook and Front Porch Forum.

Montroll spent about $2100 in the North Avenue News. No radio, TV or Internet.

In his final report, Kiss only reported spending $1000 in advertising — for bus signs. However, his final report only includes expenditures made from March 5th to March 11th, or after the March 3 election.  We've placed a call with his campaign manager to determine what Kiss spent overall on media advertising.

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