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Notice is hereby given to the residents of the Town of Woodbury, Vermont that the Woodbury Planning Commission will hold a public hearing in the Woodbury Town Hall, 3675 Vermont Route 14, Woodbury, Vermont on Monday, November 15, 2021 beginning at 6:00 P.M. The meeting will be held for public review of and comment on the proposed Woodbury Town Plan pursuant to Title 24, Chapter 117 § 4444.

The purpose of the proposed Woodbury Town Plan is to establish a coordinated comprehensive planning process to guide decisions made by the Town of Woodbury. The proposed Plan, if and when adopted, will affect all lands within the Town of Woodbury.

Woodbury Town Plan-Listing of Section Headings:

1. About Woodbury and the Plan

2. Natural Setting

a. Natural Features and Ecological Systems
b. Working Lands
c. Scenic Areas
d. Outdoor Recreation

3. Sense of Community

a. Historic and Cultural Resources
b. Housing
c. Local Economy and Community Development

4. Rural Services and Infrastructure

a. Transportation
b. Local and Regional Services and Facilities
c. Telecommunications and Broadband Connectivity
d. Energy

5. Mapping out the Future

a. Land Use
b. Implementation Program

6. Appendix:

a. Woodbury Enhanced Energy Plan

Copies of the proposed Woodbury Town Plan may be obtained from the Town Offices at 1672 Vermont Route 14, Woodbury, Vermont. Copies of the Plan are also available online at: Draft-2.pdf

Dated in Woodbury, Vermont October 14, 2021 Submitted by the Woodbury Planning Commission