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The Property at 101 West Milton Road Unit 21 (nka 155 Dewey Drive), Birchwood Manor Mobile Home Park, Milton, VT

According to the terms and conditions of a Judgment and Decree of Foreclosure by Judicial Sale (the Order) in the matter of Vermont Housing Finance Agency v. Mechenna H. Ford, Cayman Ford and Any Tenants Residing at 101 West Milton Road Unit 21 (nka 155 Dewey Drive), Birchwood Manor Mobile Home Park, Milton, VT, Vermont Superior Court, Chittenden Unit, Civil Division, Docket No. 770-8-19 Cncv, foreclosing a mortgage given by Mechenna Ford to Opportunities Credit Union dated July 29, 2005 and recorded in Volume 326, Page 361 of the Milton land records. Said mortgage was assigned to Vermont Housing Finance Agency by Assignment dated January 25, 2006 and recorded in Volume 479, Page 62 of the Milton land records (the Mortgage) presently held by Plaintiff Vermont Housing Finance Agency for the purpose of foreclosing the Mortgage for breach of the conditions of the Mortgage, the real estate with an E-911 address of 101 West Milton Road Unit 21 (nka 155 Dewey Drive), Birchwood Manor Mobile Home Park, Milton, VT (the Property) will be sold at public auction at 1:00 p.m. on June 7, 2022 at the location of the Property.

The Property to be sold is all and the same land and premises described in the Mortgage, and further described as follows:

Mechenna Ford and Cayman Ford acquired the property in a Vermont Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale from Mechenna Ford, dated October 30 and October 31, 2013, and recorded on November 1, 2013 in Volume 441, Page 570 of the Milton land records. Mechenna Ford acquired the Property by Vermont Mobile Home Uniform Bill of Sale of Brault's Mobile Homes dated July 28, 2005, and recorded on January 6, 2006 in Volume 326, Page 358 of the Milton land records. Astro Mobile Home Model 3A103A/B, 2004, serial number DC00156A/B.

The Property may be subject to easements, rights-of-way and other interests of record

Terms of Sale: The Property will be sold to the highest bidder, who will pay $10,000.00 at sale in cash, certified, treasurer's or cashier's check made payable to Thomas Hirchak Company (or by wire transfer, if arrangements for wire transfer are made in advance, confirmation of wire transfer is available before commencement of sale and bidder pays additional fees required for wire transfer), will pay the remaining balance of 10% of the highest bid to Thomas Hirchak Company within five (5) calendar days of the sale and will pay the balance of the highest bid price within fifteen (15) days of the issuance of an Order of Confirmation by the Vermont Superior Court. The successful bidder will be required to sign a Purchase Agreement. Copies are available by calling the telephone number below. If the successful bidder fails to complete the purchase of the Property as required by the Agreement, the $10,000.00 deposit will be forfeited to Plaintiff. The Property is sold "AS IS" and the successful bidder is required to purchase the Property whether or not the Property is in compliance with local, state or federal land use laws, regulations or permits. Title to the Property will be conveyed without warranties by Order of Confirmation. This sale is exempt from federal lead based hazards disclosure. 24 CFR Section 35.82.

Redemption Benefits of Mortgagor: The mortgagor is entitled to redeem the Property at any time prior to the sale by paying the full amount due under the Mortgage, including the costs and expenses of sale.

Other terms to be announced at the sale or inquire at Thomas Hirchak Company, 1-800-634-7653.

Dated: May 5, 2022

/s/ Robert W. Scharf, Esq.

Robert W. Scharf, Esq.

Attorney for Plaintiff