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Q&A With the Candidates: Governor


Published September 29, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.
Updated October 27, 2020 at 3:45 p.m.

Michael A. Devost (I); Emily Peyton (Truth Matters); Phil Scott (R), David Zuckerman (P/D) - COURTESY PHOTOS
  • Courtesy Photos
  • Michael A. Devost (I); Emily Peyton (Truth Matters); Phil Scott (R), David Zuckerman (P/D)

The winning candidate in this election will take office during a global pandemic and be charged with leading the state during an economic and public health crisis. To give us a glimpse of how they would approach this daunting task, we asked each of them to respond to the following questions:

1. As a small state with limited economic development resources, how can Vermont best shore up businesses hurt by the pandemic?

2. Many areas of Vermont are still lacking high-speed internet access. How should the state assist these communities?

3. If you could wave a magic wand and solve one intractable problem in Vermont, what would it be?

Michael A. Devost

Newport City, Housekeeper, Independent
  1. I think the first thing to do would be to uplift the state of emergency order. Then I would want to go to the businesses to see what we can do by working together to come up with a plan to help them.
  2. Me personally I would drive to the rural areas of the communities where I know there's not many internet access. That way I could talk to the town to see where the best place to put high-speed internet polls in and why they don't have high-speed.
  3. I would make our communities stronger by uniting racial justice and the police together like they once were.

Emily Peyton

Putney, Guide for the Transformation, Truth Matters
  1. File a multi/state trillion-dollar People's class action against: Gates Empire, the NIH, MSM, Google, FB and the CDC, for racketeering. Meantime, open the People's Exchange with direct issue of money for instate economic activity, End tax on Vermont-made items. Remove reporting requirements for gifting, barter or sharing.
  2. Drain industry/insider rip-off fund misuse. Hire Vermonters to install Fiber to Premises to the last mile. Create workhubs for immediate local needs. Educate Vermonters about health reasons to reduce wifi exposure (fewer tumors, cancers etc). Replace smart meters with safe analog meters (for health, privacy, returning VT jobs).
  3. Vermonters stop being victims.  Vermont Sovereigns learn information and methodology to have collective authority to issue money for Vermont's needs.

Phil Scott

Berlin, Governor of Vermont, Republican
  1. I've proposed hundreds of millions in economic relief to help businesses survive, but I know this isn't enough. As we rebuild, we must make Vermont more affordable, while creating opportunities for businesses to thrive. This includes preventing new and higher taxes – because they don't help grow the economy. 
  2. Using CARES Act dollars, we've invested millions for broadband expansion, while also streamlining the permit process to get projects completed faster. But, just like every other rural state, we'll need additional support from Congress. I'll continue to work with our congressional delegation and advocate for a national REA-type approach.
  3. Demographics. We have 30,000 fewer kids in our K-12 system than 20 years ago. We need more people in Vermont.

David Zuckerman

Hinesburg, Lieutenant Governor, Progressive/Democrat
  1. To support our businesses we need to efficiently make our tax money go further. For example, this year, I helped create the Everyone Eats program that utilizes money multiple times through the Vermont economy — to restaurants, workers, and local farmers — with the mission to feed hungry Vermonters.
  2. Broadband is critical to education and a healthy, climate-friendly, economically strong future for Vermont. I would start by ensuring there is access in every community center and work our way out to each home. We must stretch our tax dollars utilizing our CUDs to string fiber to every Vermonter.
  3. Covid-19 free economic security for all Vermonters; housing, healthcare, childcare, transportation, just and safe neighborhoods, and meaningful rewarding work.

Did not respond:

Wayne Billado III, independent; Charly Dickerson, unaffiliated; Kevin Hoyt, independent; Erynn Hazlett Whitney, independent

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