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Bernie Sanders
Freeps gives Bernie his due


Let's see now. Bernie Sanders [taking a call at right on Church Street] has lived in Vermont since the mid-1960s. Got involved with that left-wing, commie/pinko Liberty Union Party in 1971. First ran statewide in 1972.

And it's only taken 37 years for The Burlington Free Press, the state's largest daily, to write a favorable story about the guy!

It's titled "Sanders makes impact in U.S. Senate."

And Gannett Washington writer Erin Kelly, who has covered Vermont's Washington delegation for quite some time, hit the bullseye in her lead: the fact that the Bernie Sanders you see and hear today hasn't changed his tune one bit from the Bernie you heard way back when. His consistency and his indefatigable persistence are his trademarks. He was the champion of "poor people, working people and the elderly" back then, and he's the champion of "poor people, working people and the elderly" today...."and the environment!"

Yours truly first personally encountered Ol' Bernardo in January 1981. Corner of College and Church. He was a candidate for mayor. In March he pulled off the 10-vote upset that certainly shook this town up.

My job is to ask the questions the pols don't want to hear. Sorry, but it's my job - a 1st Amendment thing. Use it or lose it! It took us only about 15 years to warm up, but we did!

Mayor Bernie was at the helm in Burlington through the 1980s - a crucial and exciting time for change in this old dusty, bedraggled town with a rundown, dirty waterfront.

Statewide, he's won landslide victories every two years for more than a decade. Beat Republican Gazillionaire Ritchie Rich Tarrant 2 to 1 to win Jeezum Jim Jeffords' vacant seat. And seeing him today, in the thick of it in the United States Senate, a champion of the have-nots, of "poor people, working people and the elderly" and an effective one, has at long-last won the appropriate recognition from The Burlington Free Press!

What do you think?

Bernie's best years still ahead of him?